We invite you to visit our restaurant and enjoy the taste, aroma and hospitality of Las Chabelas.  We are a Mexican restaurant in Brawley, California with a unique atmosphere serving a full menu of Mexican cuisine along with some seafood favorites.

Our home-made enchiladas, burritos and tacos are famous far beyond the city limits.  The smell and taste of our meat platters smothered in our house sauces are sure to keep you longing for more.  Shrimp wrapped in bacon, fish tacos or one of our sea food cocktails will definately cure your seafood crave.


Las Chabelas Lounge is a perfect accompaniment to any meal.  Try your favorite beer in a chabela, for which this restaurant is named after for a complete dining experience.  Our lounge offers a full bar and various entertainment throughout the week. 


We regularly organize special events for our community.  Check out the Events page to find out what we will be celebrating next!

If you have any questions about our Events, our Catering Service or our Specials, just give us a call at 760-351-2991 or write us a message using the Contact Form.